The Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics (JEMARO) is a 2-year integrated programme (120 ECTS or 30 Japanese Credits) between all the members of the consortium and its goal is to allow students to better understand different perspectives in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (related to both academia and industry) across Europe (France, Italy and Poland) and Japan. This will be achieved by developing common strategies for knowledge sharing and for enforcing the quality of education in Advanced Robotics.


JEMARO has been jointly designed and is implemented and fully supported, by 4 major Higher Education Institutions in Japan and Europe awarding master’s degrees:

Centrale Nantes

Keio University

University of Genoa
Warsaw University of Technology

What makes this programme special?

JEMARO is the first joint Japan-Europe programme offering high-level academic and industrial training across the whole span of robotics (Mathematical modelling, Control engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical design) with the technological specialisation of the associated industrial partners. All JEMARO course units are taught in English, and they are already mutually recognized by all the consortium partners within Local Master Tracks. All activities are organized and implemented on a common agreement basis and by integrating the educational rules differences/constraints between Japan and Europe.

2 HEIs, as Associated Partners, can be involved in lectures, student internships, PhD programme and strategy committee: Jaume I University in Spain and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

JEMARO also offers an innovative educational approach through the involvement of teaching staff from 8 industrial partners: YASKAWA, Soft Servo Systems, NTT Data, Motion Lib, Inc., BA Systems, PIAP-Space, PIAP, IRT Jules Verne.

The student mobility path will allow a first year spread across the European partners and the second year in Japan where all students will remain together helping them to form a close-knit group.

Students who graduate from the JEMARO master’s course will obtain two master's degrees, one from a European country and the other from Japan (Keio University). The degrees are officially recognised and give full access to PhD study programmes.
Published on September 4, 2019 Updated on June 22, 2022