Keio University, Japan - Coordinating Institution

The research activity in Robotics at Keio University is mainly carried out in the laboratories of four departments (System Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information & Computer Science and Electronics and Electrical Engineering) as part of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University, Japan. They cover all the important fields such as space structures, energy devices, infrastructure, buildings, robots, wide range of hardware engineering, the technologies for efficient "information" exchange in robotics, information systems, LSI, communication, radio wave technology, photonics, image processing, material science, medical electronics, etc.

Since 2000, the Graduate School of Science and Technology has been composed of three schools: the School of Fundamental Science and Technology, the School of Integrated Design Engineering, and the School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems. Our aim with this innovative structure is to radically alter traditional vertical segmentation by course and subdivision into very narrow specialisations and the idiosyncratic methodologies they employ. In other words, we are working to reintegrate the branching that has occurred in each field and, at the same time, create a highly flexible education and research system that easily allows for fluidity and changeability in order to take on the challenge of the uncharted.

Areas of specialization & research activities of excellence of Keio University:

MEMS-Design and Fabrication, Ad Hoc & Sensor Network, Ultraprecision Machining and Metrology.
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Published on September 5, 2019 Updated on November 2, 2020