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Results of the first round of admissions for JEMARO

The first selection round for JEMARO applicants - applications submitted before 31 January - has concluded with 24 places offered. The second round of applications for self-funded candidates is still open.

on April 8, 2020

First selection round

The selection committee involving the four partner institutions met remotely on 6 March to examine 428 high quality applications. 24 applicants, from 10 different countries, have been offered a place on this new Erasmus Mundus programme opening at Centrale Nantes in September 2020. 8 applicants have been awarded an attractive Erasmus Mundus scholarship and a further 7 a consortium scholarship.

Depending on their mobility path, students will start their first year in Centrale Nantes (France), University of Genoa (Italy) or Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). All students will then move to Keio University, Japan for the second year.

Applications still open for self-funded students

More about JEMARO

This topnotch Master’s programme in advanced robotics has been selected under the European Programmes of Excellence: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD). JEMARO, Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics, is designed and taught at a consortium of four major European and Japanese higher education institutions alongside academic and industrial partners.

JEMARO is the first joint Japan-Europe programme offering high-level academic and industrial training across the whole span of robotics (Mathematical modelling, Control engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical design) with the technological specialisation of the associated industrial partners.

Published on April 8, 2020 Updated on September 2, 2020