Back to school 2023

It's already time to get back to School! When September comes, our JEMARO students are travelling the world to reach their host country for the upcoming academic year.

on September 6, 2023

4 countries, 4 institutions, 2 different intakes, and yet, all of these 48 students belong to the same programme. As our freshly selected intake 4 students are slowly arriving in France, Italy and Poland for their first year as JEMARO students, the experienced intake 3 is flying to Japan for a most anticipated second year in the programme.

This year, Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Genoa will welcome 8 students each while 10 students will come to Centrale Nantes. A special welcome was organized for all of them in their new host institution, with an online presentation bringing together all the partners.

  On the other side of the planet, the intake 3 students are gathering at Keio University, welcomed by the local JEMARO staff, and are discovering the campus, meeting with their new labmates and getting over the jetlag.

We wish you all a thrilling, successful and bright new academic year!
Published on September 27, 2023 Updated on September 27, 2023