JEMARO intake 1 students defend their thesis at Keio University

On July 29th, the 12 students from the very first JEMARO intake defended their thesis at Keio University.

on July 29, 2022

And that's a wrap! After having spent two years on the master's programme, the very first generation of JEMARO students finished their studies with a thesis defense held at Keio University, Japan, on July 29th.

The 12 students, from various backgrounds and nationalities, have been in Japan for several months now, being able to interact more easily with their laboratory team and Japanese supervisors, while still being co-supervised from Europe.

With different interests and research objectives, each of the 12 students defended their work after a 2-year long Research Track.

The thesis titles of this first intake were:
  • Acoustic Odometry for Wheeled Robots on Loose Sandy Terrain
  • Action Graph Estimation Using Semantic Maps
  • Dexterous Tendon-Driven Robotic Hand with Hybrid Position/Force Control
  • Efficient Classification of Electroencephalogram for Brain Machine Interface with a Knitted Headset
  • Human Gait Feature Analysis of the Indexes for Body Stability Considering COP and CP
  • Human Localization and Activity Identification using a 2D LIDAR on a Mobile Robot: From Simulations to Reality
  • Lunar Regolith Additive Manufacturing Based on Powder Bed Fusion in High Gravity
  • Monocular Depth Estimation For Tilted Images Via Gravity Rectifier
  • On-chip Droplet Sorting System using Electro-conjugate Fluid Flow
  • Persistent Attacker Avoidance in a Multi-Robot System using Reinforcement Learning with Expanded Action Space
  • SFM based robot navigation learning from human feedback in virtual reality environments
  • Transformer Networks for Future Person Localization in First-Person Videos
Most of these students will now decide what path to take after obtaining a double master's degree in robotics from Keio University and the EU institution where they studied at (Centrale Nantes, University of Genoa or Warsaw University of Technology, see here).

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