JEMARO intake 2 students defend their thesis at Keio University

On 20 July, the 18 students from the second JEMARO intake defended their thesis at Keio University.

on July 20, 2023

And that's a wrap! After having spent two years on the master's programme, the second generation of JEMARO students finished their studies with a thesis defense held at Keio University, Japan, on 20 July.

The 18 students, from various backgrounds and nationalities, arrived in Japan in September 2022. During their first semester, they followed Japanese and elective courses at Keio University while starting to work on their research within one of Keio laboratories. Their second semester was dedicated full time to research, co-supervised by a Japanese and European professor.

With different interests and research objectives, each of the 18 students defended their work after a 2-year long Research Track.

The thesis titles of this second intake were:
  • English Pronunciation Assessment System with Adaptive Learning Goals and GPT-generated Feedback on a Humanoid Robot
  • Design and Control of a Jetpack: A Study in Personal Aerial Mobility
  • Multi-Hypergraph Fusion Learning for Emotion Recognition from Bio-Signals and Personality Traits
  • Trust-aware safe control for autonomous navigation
  • Development of a Robotic Gripper Using Motion-Copying System for Agricultural Applications
  • Consideration of Estimation Methods for Composition of Platelet-Rich Plasma Based on Mechanical, Electrical, and Optical Characteristics
  • Mechatronic Component Optimization Methodology for Flight Time Maximization of Coaxial Octorotor Vehicles
  • Programming by Demonstration using Virtual Reality Controllers to operate Collaborative Robots.
  • Semi-dry transmission of Ultrasonic vibrations to enhance automatized enzyme-free detachment of adherent cells
  • Graph Contrastive and Transfer Learning for Physical Exercise Classification on Mismatched Domains
  • An approach to stable force control for two wheeled mobile system with one-DOF robot arm
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for UAV Consensus Cooperative Control during fake-depth persistent attacks
  • Grasping long chips in CNC machine tool inspection using a mobile robot
  • Cooperative Docking Control and Priority Scheduling for Multi-Robot Energy Autonomy
  • Real Time Data Driven Palpation Control for Inclusion Detection
  • Reinventing the Wheel: An Adaptive Stiffness Wheel for Planetary rovers
  • Brain Machine Interface for the Control of an Exoskeleton
  • Nonlinear Dynamical System Identification under Disturbances by Maximum Likelihood for Robotics
Published on September 26, 2023 Updated on September 26, 2023